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Hey guys!  We just wanted to stop in real quick and make a post about determination.  Determination is a great characteristic to have, especially when it comes to accomplishing activities that seem tough at first, like installing a backyard zip line.  We know that it may seem extremely overwhelming when you first take a look at all of this foreign looking hardware and you are wondering to yourself “what the heck is a brake block”.  But you know, once you sit down and put in the time to actually figure out what all of this hardware is, how it’s installed, and how it actually functions you will be much better equipped to deal with this installation process, and also less likely to mess up the install the first time through.  A lot of people, in their arrogance, like to simply ignore the installation manual and try to hook it up without reading any of the instruction.  This is where massive failures can occur, often times resulting in an unsafe zip line.  Your kids will thank you later when they aren’t being rushed to the emergency room with broken legs and bruised knees.  If you simply sit down and read the instruction until you have a firm grasp on what actually needs to occur here to get this thing installed, you will be much better off, trust us!  We have been doing this for years and have seen so many different people from all walks of life try to install these things…and the number one reason for failure is trying to plunge in head first and acting like you know something, instead of sitting down and taking the time to go through the instructions on your own terms until you have a firm grasp of the entire setup process.

Another reason why it’s so important to have determination is because it’s easy to get frustrated with this entire process and feel like you aren’t making any progress at all.  In fact, most of the time it will feel like you are actually moving backwards and losing yardage.  But in reality, there is no such thing.  You are constantly learning and understanding, even if you don’t realize it on a conscious level.  Your subconscious mind functions on a different wavelength then that of your normal, conscious mind.  So even if your conscious mind doesn’t grasp something, chances are that your subconscious mind has the information stored away and it will rise to the surface as soon as that information is required.  It’s kind of strange, but it just seems like that’s how it operates.  Anyway, that’s why it’s important to always stay committed and keep plunging through until you reach your desired destination.  There are no rewards for being a quitter.  There is a saying that I absolutely love and the saying is this:  a quitter never wins and a winner never quits.  This is so true, and I hope that you will take it to heart and apply it to your very own situation and stay determined to achieve your goal no matter what it takes!

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Zip Lining Extravaganza!

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Are you as thrilled about zip lining as we are?  Because we are absolutely, positively 100% bonkers over backyard zip lining and we want the entire world to know.  Did you ever get that feeling in your gut that you just had to experience something…like there was almost this magnetic pull that was drawing you towards a certain activity?  That’s how amazing zip lining can be!  It’s an extraordinarily exhilarating experience, and one that must be lived through to fully appreciate it’s benefits.

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Backyard Zip Lining FUN!

There’s just something amazingly simple and beautiful about soaring through the air, hanging onto a trolley for dear life.  While some people prefer to use a trolley without a harness or seat, we prefer to use one that does have one.  Additionally, we prefer to use a zip line home kit that uses a harness, as this will keep you secure on the ride without a chance of falling off of the seat and sustaining an injury.  There’s simply no replacement for taking the proper safety measures and ensuring that things will run smoothly when you are operating your zip line.  You will also want to have a brake block kit installed at the end of your zip line to make sure that the rider is able to come to a comfortable stop once the ride is over with.  This is an extremely important step that most people overlook and is absolutely necessary on rides over 150 feet long.  The only other way around installing a brake block is to install the zip line cable with some extra sag in the line so that when the rider approaches the end of the line it will start to go back up in the air and the natural gravity will make them come to a gradual stop.  While this method is certainly effective, it is not recommended, especially on zip lines where children are involved.

Zip Lining Enjoyment

Aren’t you tired of sitting around the house watching TV and eating potato chips?  Isn’t that lifestyle so boring and out of date?  Wouldn’t you like to experience something truly fun and exhilarating for once in your life?  Of course you would.  That’s why you should purchase a backyard zip line today.  There are many different places online to buy zip line kits so you are sure to find the exact kit that is right for your specific needs.  There are kits available for kids and adults supporting up to 350 pounds and extending up to massive lengths of 500 feet!

And that’s not all.  Some of these kits, for example, the ones made by the popular backyard zip lining company Alien Flier include a trigger braking system which allows you to have full control over the rides speed as you are coming down the cable.  This is essential for kids who aren’t as comfortable traveling at faster speeds like the adults in the house.  Another great thing about Alien Flier’s kits like the S100 zip line kit is that they come with a trigger brake as well as a brake block kit which gives the rider two separate methods for stopping….one on the actual trolley itself, and the other on the zip line cable.  Braking is one of the most important parts of the ride when you are talking about backyard zip lining, so please keep this in mind before making your purchase.

Another thing that you may want to consider when you are installing your zip line is where are the riders going to be launching themselves from?  A lot of people simply ignore this important aspect to zip lining, and end up launching off of unstable structures such as ladders and rickety platforms.  It’s important that you get someone who is handy with tools to build you a suitable platform which will allow your riders to launch safely from the platform and enjoy the ride with ease.  There is really no safety precaution that you must take into account that will be more important to your child’s safety than a properly installed zip lining platform.  Some customers also like to setup a platform at the end of the ride as a landing area.  When you use a landing platform, a brake block kit is not necessarily needed, as you will be landing on the platform which you have setup for this specific location.  This is a great setup for zip lines that are going across lakes or coming down from treehouses and other structures which are fairly high up in the air.  Having a platform to land on after traveling a great distance on the zip line can be a critical thing that factors into your overall zip lining success.

Helmet Safety

Another important thing to keep in mind when setting up your backyard zip line kit is whether or not you will be using helmets.  We like to recommend helmets for all kids, especially pre teens, as they will be more likely to have an unfortunate accident while they are playing on the zip line.  Teenagers and adults can usually handle themselves, but we still like to recommend helmets for them as well, because you never know when that one slip is going to take place, and if you aren’t wearing a helmet you could sustain a serious injury that could be life changing.  It simply isn’t worth it to gamble with your health like that, which is why the smartest decision is to buy yourself and everyone who will be using the zip line some proper head gear.


Another important piece of zip lining gear that you need to take into account is your zip line harness.  Harnesses play an important role in keeping the rider securely attached to the zip line trolley, which is the part of the zip line that actually moves along the cable during the actual action phase of the ride.  The trolley is attached to a carabiner, which then secures onto a harness which wraps around both of the riders legs and keeps them safely attached to the zip line structure.  If you only use a seat, it’s possible for you to fall off of it and sustain a serious injury, so we always like to recommend that users buy a harness for each member of their zip lining group.  We say to buy one for each member so that each person who will be zip lining can simply leave their harness on as they are using the ride, and then remove it when they are done.  When you have a harness for each specific person, you don’t have to worry about swapping them in and out with other people and you can each keep wearing your specific unit. That is why we like to recommend harnesses, but seats can be a fun option as well as long as you’re wearing a helmet while using them.  The big boy seat from ZLP manufacturing is a heavy duty rope seat that supports up to 350 pounds and is a great option for those who wish to have a fun ride and not have to hook and unhook themselves from the trolley after every run.  Although, ZLP does sell trolley’s that simply sit right on the zip line so you don’t even have to detach from them after every single use.  This is important as it allows riders to quickly enter and exit the ride, allowing for a smooth flow of traffic on the zip line.  This prevents fighting among siblings as to whose turn it is and why Johnny is taking so long and other related interpersonal problems.  We like to recommend this type of setup for people who have more than 2 different kids who will be using the zip line at any given time, as it allows for a better flow of traffic between riders, and promotes an atmosphere of understanding and congruence between each persons specific personality traits.

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